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The Takeover - Part 1.


If you’re in vehicle sales, you’re probably very familiar with at least a version of this concept.  This concept can also be very powerful in selling B2B products, if used correctly.  The idea is to use your management to help you close a sale.

Timing of this strategy is important.  You do not want to use this approach too early in the buying cycle.  It will not have the same effect.  But rather, you should be past the proof-of-concept stage, there appears to be deal at hand, but you cannot get the prospect to call you back or to take action.  Here’s one approach for a sales manager takeover - this when the deal is between 1/2 and 1/2 to close:  “Brian, this is Louie Bernstein.  I’m the Vice President of Sales at Sales Getters, and I’m calling about the evaluation you are doing with our product.”  Be very formal, very straight forward and very polite.  Then pause. “It is part of my responsibility to make sure you have all the resources you need during your evaluation period.  How is everything going?”    Click here to read more...



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