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Sometimes you run into a customer that only wants to pay for your product but none of the surrounding services that help them get the most out of their purchase.  It usually is penny wise but pound foolish on their part.  A software product I once sold integrated into a customer’s application and had a technically complex installation.  We had a large customer who purchased the product without the professional services we proposed, which would help them install and configure the software, despite our strong suggestions to include this add on.  They did this to save money and/or they thought they were competent enough to install and configure it on their own.  Of course they encountered issues which would have been resolved quickly by our support team. 

You owe it to your customer to go that “extra selling mile” and get them to purchase (if it is not already included) any add-on services that will guarantee a successful experience with your product. 

Here is an analogy you can use that may get their attention – “David, let’s say you have been saving up to go to a great but expensive restaurant you have wanted to take a favorite someone to for years.  You have heard this restaurant always delivered an incredible meal and an amazing experience.   The only catch is you’ll have to pay a few extra dollars for your silverware because they import it from France.  But you get to keep it.   Would you still go and mentally write off the few extra dollars simply to ensure everything was perfect?  Or would you just not go?”

Their response can tell you a lot about the person you are going to be doing business with after the purchase.  Don’t let your customers scrimp with add-ons when it can have an effect on their overall experience with your company.

Sales Homework – Call a few customers who did purchase a necessary add on and ask them how it worked out.  Combine that testimonial with unrelated examples like the one above and write out a script you can deliver.  Then be ready to present it to a prospect that is balking.

Sales Managers – While your reps may be able to convince these types of prospects to purchase your add-on, it may be indicative of a larger problem you are going to have with this customer.  Scrutinize this deal.  They may cost you more than they are worth.    Read more...


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