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How do you know if you have a qualified prospect?  For most companies, at least the following is required for a prospect to be qualified.  They should:

·         Have a business pain, need or desire that has made purchasing your product, or one like yours, a top priority.  This could be:

-          One of their customers (external or internal) is demanding something your product helps them deliver.

-          They’re losing deals to the competition.

-          They’re trying to stay, or become, a leader in their industry.

-          They’re looking for another revenue stream that your product provides.

·         Have a budget allocated, or can get funds for your product.

·         Have a sense of urgency.

·         Be involved in making the final decision.

You need to put together your own list of what a qualified prospect is for you, as it relates to your product.  For example; at Sales Getters, a qualified prospect for our business would be someone and a company who:

·         Needs to grow a segment of, or all of, their sales. (Pain)

·         Has a budget or agrees with the ROI that can be delivered to them. (Money available)

·         Needs revenue quickly. (Urgency)

·         Has the VP of Sales or CEO involved. (Decision maker)

Sales Homework
– List at least four criteria that when met, make your prospect qualified:





Sales Managers
– After your sales reps give you their individual lists, go over all of them together with your team.  Tweak them, add some qualifying criteria and replace whatever needs to go.  You should end up with a tightly focused profile.    Read more...


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