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The puppy dog close.


Car dealers and smart B2B companies have learned how to use this strategy and make a lot of money from it.   Briefly, the idea is to let your prospect get emotionally attached to your product the way a pet store lets you take home the little puppy for a “few days”, knowing it will never come back.  A new car dealer knows he has a high probably of their cars never coming back once you get the feel behind the wheel, smell that new leather, take the family for a ride and park it in your garage.

When we were selling memory boards at EMC for production computer systems, our first goal of moving the sale forward was to get an “eval.”  An evaluation was essential to the sale because it was a huge commitment for the prospect to bring down their system, install the new board(s) and bring the system back up.  Adding computer memory to these systems, most of the time, enabled them to them process faster so users didn’t have to wait for a response after typing something.  Seems a bit dated now, but in the 80’s and early 1990’s it was very big deal.  The good news was that the memory did improve performance most of the time.  So, the boards never came out and we usually got the sale.

Sales Homework – List three different ways you can get your product in the hands of your prospects to let them “take it for a ride.”  You may be thinking your product doesn’t have that feature; “I sell buildings.  How do they try out one of those?”  Well, maybe you arrange for visits to some of your buildings.  Give them an office there for a couple weeks.  If you’re already using this strategy, think of new approaches your competitor doesn’t use.   Whatever you sell, get them emotionally involved and attached, and then watch them “keep that puppy and love it.”




Sales Managers – Set up a system for your sales reps that encourages, and gives them the resources, to get your customers trying out or evaluating your product.     Read more...


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