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I read an article about two women who run an ad agency that started bringing chocolates when they met with clients.  They said the clients really perked up if they could get them eating the chocolates during the meeting.  It has to with chocolate releasing endorphins in your body which puts you in a good mood and causes you to be more receptive. 

So, I tried it out in a sales meeting and, aside from a little hyperactivity, it really worked well.  From then on, when appropriate, I would have my reps bring chocolate on their appointments.  The key is to get the prospect to eat the chocolate at the start of the meeting so by the time you get to your presentation the endorphins are flying.

Now, some people may consider this as manipulative.  I prefer to think of it as a nice courtesy that puts everyone in a good mood.  DO NOT try and force your prospect to eat the chocolate.  Whatever you think about this idea, at least give it a try.   At a minimum your customer will consider you thoughtful.

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– Bring chocolates on your next meeting and report the results.

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