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99.99999% of the time, there is something about the person you’re speaking with that you can connect on.  You have to find that connection point.  Maybe you both:

·         Are from the same hometown.

·         Are from the same state.

·         Went to the same school.

·         Played the same sport.

·         Listen to the same music.

·         Like the same food.

·         Share a birthday.

·         Work in similar businesses.

·         Are lovers of impressionistic art.

·         Hate winter.

·         WHATEVER…….


Grab hold of that connection and don’t let go.  People like talking about what interests them.  And if you listen closely to them and then engage them on that topic, you have made a friend.  It shouldn’t be insincere or over the top. 

An example; “Ed, I looked at your company profile and see you are an avid pilot.  Wow.  That would scare me like crazy.  I always wanted to learn how to fly a plane.   How do you find the courage to take control of the steering wheel in those little planes?”  Ed will take this opportunity to share and educate me (which will make him feel good).  And I don’t think the steering mechanism on a small plane is called a steering wheel.  But we knew that, didn’t we.

Sales Homework – List three additional ways you can find a connection point with a prospect.




Sales Managers
– Take the time to do some research on your reps and surprise each of them with information that connects the two of you.  They will see, and now understand, how good it feels when someone has an interest in something they do as well.        Read more...   

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