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Top 25 Most Influential Inside Sales Professional award for 2014.
Top 25 Most Influential Inside Sales Professional award for 2013.
Two Years in a Row!
American Association of Inside Sales Professionals - AAISP
I won these awards while being the Chief Sales Officer for a technology company.
I will bring the knowledge, strategies, and tips that have driven our tremendous sales growth, right to you .

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Like. Trust. Buy.  The magic words. How to be the #1 sales person.
Building rapport. Your sales attitude is everything.
Never Lie.  Don't mislead. The Trusted Advisor.
How to set sales goals:  The Preparation Using a Sales Playbook
Turning a cold call warm. Getting past the Gatekeeper.
Leaving voicemail. How to qualify a sales prospect.
An interview with Louie Bernstein How to make the signer look good.  And why you should.
Delivering sales value; every time. How to ask more prospecting questions. Drill, baby. Drill.
Closing:  Is there anything else? How many times should I call the prospect?
Beating the fear of rejection over the phone. How to talk to sales prospects like a professional.
Sales prospects are trying you on for size. How to sell add-on service.
The puppy dog close. Sales prospects are trying you on for size.
I'm just checking in.  Ugh. Unstalling a stalled sale.
Know when to cut your losses. The takeover - Part 1.
Be polite and close more sales. The takeover - Part 2.
Sales Leverage Get proactive and get sales.
An "Ace" of an attitude. Sending thank you notes.
Don't end up like Wally Pipp. They're Google-ing you too.
Price fishing.  Don't get hooked. Sales is an Art.
Sales is a Science. Always confirm an appointment - automatically.
Just send me a proposal. Mental wind sprints.
The Easiest Sell How to organize your sales day.
A note on saying "thank you." How's it going?  Ugh.
Networking First impressions last.
Closing time. The Match Game
Paint a Picture Sales Discipline
Change is good.  But hard! The Ben Franklin Close
"No" fear. How to create a sales presentation.
What's the key to the deal? How to deliver a sales presentation.
Tenacity Role Playing
Restate the problem. The slippery deal.
How to get testimonials. Emails with benefits.
The sales prospect in crisis. The 5 W's and an H.
The perfect close.  Your mouth. Remember your customer's anniversary
Multiple contacts in your account. Your new account: Part 1 - Research
Your new account: Part 2 - Making the call. Daily Sales Training - My view.
The Elevator Pitch Call at the top.
The Sales Proposal Template The Sales Agenda
Closing:  If I can... Be the expert and be known.
Get excited or they won't. Voicemail after hours.
Prospects buy.  Don't sell. Storytelling
Objection:  Your price is too high. How to build trust.
Using video testimonials. Return on Investment (ROI)
Be an educator. Responding to setbacks.
The meeting follow up document. There's no money for 2nd place in sales.
Be careful with web meetings. Don't throw up ridiculous bluffs.
Be a business person. Negotiating like a Professional Salesperson.
What if they do nothing? Prospects versus Customers
Listening Handling objections.
What to say when you've lost a sale. Train like a Pro.
Show then tell. Yikes!  I sent the wrong information.
Like or alike.  Whatever works. Writing right.
Don't be an errand boy, or girl. I'll be back.
Sell with numbers and statistics. When faced with unreasonable requests.
Optimism Confirm the objection.
Prospects hear what they want to hear. Improve your hearing
Closing:  One last thing. Forget the jargon.
Humility The price hasn't changed....yet.
Integrity B2B Camp Session
Closing:  One last thing Sales Jargon
Clarifying Questions The Success Log
Sweeten your meeting. Connect with prospects
FUD Not knowing everything
The Sales Politician Sales Management - Create a process
Body, Mind, Spirit:  Body Body, Mind, Spirit:  Mind
Body, Mind, Spirit:  Spirit The sound and tone of your voice
To the best of my recollection Just think
Multitasking Clarify
Alternate of Choice Questions Um, you know.
Take Charge Request for Proposal - RFP
Sales Rituals Succeed Forever
Breaking the Ice Life beyond sales.
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"You can tell that Louie meant this to be a teaching tool; 263 pages of spiral-bound, 8 1/2 x 11 format.  Whether you are junior or senior in your career, you will find something useful - hints, life lessons, and organizational tools are provided.  Plenty of room in the margins for notes and the 'homework' sections are a good way to reinforce the material."
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"As a nationwide sales company, we are always looking for ways to improve the services we offer to our clients.  Of course, the actual sales process being the #1 item on the list!  Louie's "How To Be a Professional Salesperson" puts everything together in one place.  Such valuable reading and training material for any sales manager - especially in this ever-changing economy".
Donna Corson

  Donna Corson, President
  The Distribution Network

Who am I to tell you how to sell?

I am not a sales trainer.   I am a salesman.  And I have a sales job, just like you.  I am the Chief Sales Officer for a fast-growing software company in Atlanta.

I have been successfully selling products and services for over two decades.  My first job was at the age of 10, working at a hot dog stand in Skokie, Illinois.  It’s where I first learned the value of, “you want fries with that?” which you can read about in the course.   I have won sales awards with every company I have worked for, or have run.  In 2002, my company, MindIQ, was included in the INC. 500 list for one of the fastest growing private companies in America, over a five year period.  I have encountered probably every type of sales situation you will ever run into. What you will learn in this course is not theory.  I have lived, and continue to live 262 business days a year, every one of these sales lessons.

The Sales Getters’ Sales Training Course is a result of all my experiences plus, books on selling, seminars I’ve attended, tapes, CD’s DVD’s, and blogs I’ve listened to or read.  Every thought and idea in this course may not be a Louie Bernstein original. Some of the selling ideas and concepts go back a millennium to some of the world’s greatest thinkers.  For the ideas I did not think up, I tried to put my personal spin on them and present them through my own viewpoint and professional opinion. I suggest you do the same and apply these concepts, ideas, techniques and lessons to fit your personal situation. 

I have an insatiable thirst for knowledge, and in particular, sales knowledge.  Based on my sales results over the years and my continued desire to be the best at what I do, I consider myself to be an expert in, and an ongoing student of, the art and science of selling.

So, if you’re ready to be a Professional Salesperson, let’s get started!

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